foobar2000: 7. PanelsUI

This guide is broken into three parts:

  • 7.1 Finding your way around PanelsUI

    • Provides a basic tutorial on using PanelsUI for the first time, and navigating the various sectionsof the interface
    • Very basic appearance tweaks will be covered
  • 7.2 PanelsUI code

    • The code syntax for panelsUI will be explained
    • The differences between standard title formatting code (see previous page) and panelsUI code will be highlighted
    • Particular focus rectangle, image and button functions
    • Introduction to persistent variables (PVARs)
  • 7.3 Creating a layout

    • Creating your first layout with panelsUI and some basic graphics editing

A lot of this tutorial is fairly advanced, and if you are new to foobar2000, it is recommended that you start at the beginning! Otherwise, onwards...

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